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New live show announced!

October 11, 2018 at Kulak's Woodshed in North Hollywood. Click here for the details.

Out now - Susan's new all-Elvis EP, 2nd To One!

Click here to get your copy of 2nd To One from CD Baby!

Pete Roche reviews 2nd To One in AXS: "Surftone's a master of effervescent, oceanic guitar tones,
but here she's less concerned with catching waves than with date nights, dancehalls and
ditties about break-ups and make-ups. 2nd to One swaps woodies and surf wax for deuce coupes and
fuzzy dice, and the result is a rollicking, seven-selection salute to not only Presley, but also to
groundbreaking labels like Sun Records (Memphis) and Chess / Checker Records (Chicago) and their
now-legendary catalogs." Read the full review here.

Ginger Coyote reviews 2nd To One in Punk Globe:
"Lay back with your eyes closed relaxing and you listen to this CD, It brings you back to the 50's
listening to The King. But it is not Elvis it's Susan Surftone doing her very best version Elvis Presley's hits...
For this CD Susan took voice lessons and it is evident that it was money well spent. Great guitar on every track..
My personal favorite is Track one: Blue Moon Of Kentucky and of course Heartbreak Hotel is a winner as well...
Well worth investing in for everyone who digs rockabilly, surf and ELVIS!!!!"

AfterEllen comments on 2nd To One and shares their interview with Susan here.

Dragutin Matosevic from "Barikada - World of Music" Radio from Bosnia highlights Susan's newest CDs

"Regular listeners of 4-years long broadcasted The Jeans Generation (radio show) did have a few opportunities
to listen to the music of Susan SurfTone. We did learn that she is playing mix of surf, rockabilly (one of the earliest styles of rock and roll music)
and rock music. The main point is - she was always great regardless which song / style she played...
Susan, explains her music the best possible way - 'One lesson I learned from The Beatles was to not repeat myself.'...
Susan proved that musicians have to go further, to change, to explore new ways, to achieve many new skills."
Read the full review here.

Here is the new video for Susan's original song, Out Of My Dreams

Out Of My Dreams is available exclusively on Bongo Boy Records
"Love Is - Vol 1" compilation.

Video credits:
Dancer: Masha Balovlenkov Director: Rolla Selbak

Out Of My Dreams is streaming on Bongo Boy TV! You can watch the episode here.
Beach Sloth from says: "60s pop pours out of Susan SurfTone's tender "Out Of My Dreams".
Nearly psychedelic in its approach, there is a bright and airy style that comes to define it. Guitars go for a garage rock flavor,
for the whole piece has a timeless quality to it."

Evelyn Reyes reviews Out Of My Dreams in"Susan SurfTone's "Out Of My Dreams" delves into a glorious retro sound.
Nicely bring together classic surf rock, garage rock with a hint of twee pop, the entire piece has a dreamy quality to it.
Vocals have an ethereal quality to it as they rise above the gentle rhythms."

Susan SurfTone signs with Bongo Boy Records

Susan's recording of BLUE GUITAR, written by Earl Hooker, is featured on Backroom Blues Volume Six by Various Artists.
Album Page:

The Grouch from Sweden writes in Music Industry Network News:
"The last song on the album is by another of my favorite Bongo Boy artists. The incredible Ms. Surftone. This is where Surf meets the Blues
and they make an interesting combination. If there is one thing in the world I cannot stand it is negative stereotypes. Not all Punks are Nazis,
in fact most Punks I have known have been, at heart, very gentle guys who just play rough. In the same way, even today some people
think women can't rock. News: Bands like the Gore Gore Girls, Shonen Knife and Susan SurfTone all rock - and they rock well!
Give this track a listen and tell me women can't play guitar and I'll tell you that you need your ears checked."
Read the Grouch's full review of Backroom Blues Vol. 6 here.

"Making Waves Again"

Click here to get it now at CD Baby.

"SurfTone lets loose across seven sensational tracks that showcase
not only her guitar chops, but her vocals.
As with her last few efforts,
Susan's newest Acme Brothers disc boasts a satisfying balance of her own material and intriguing interpolations
of oldies-but-goodies by other groovy cats."
-Pete Roche, AXS Read the full review here.

"Susan is a virtuoso surf guitarist and if you have not heard her music do so now!!"
Making Waves Again review by Ginger Coyote, Punk Globe

Video on YouTube!

Here's Susan's new video for "Little Bit Lied To" from her EP "The Magician"

The Magician

© Robbie McClaran

Pete Roche reviews the new EPThe Magician in The Examiner:

"Susan acquits herself splendidly for her first-go behind the pop filter; her vocals remind us of '80s-era Deborah Harry...There's mischief and mirth to Susan's sun-kissed plectrum one else today can do twangy, ocean-spray instrumentals like SurfTone."
Read the full review here.

Here's Ginger Coyote's review of The Magician in Punk Globe:

"Another winning Ep from one of the industry's most under-rated surf/rockabilly guitarists the one and only Susan Surftone. Susan put her heart and soul into this new release and every track shows her immense talent. Of course the stand alone track has to be Bill Monroe's Blue Moon Of Kentucky... Close your eyes and listen to Susan Surftone paying homage to The King...... Elvis" Check it out here.

Winnie McCroy reviews The Magician in Edge Media Network. "...Critics compare her sound to Debbie Harry meets Chrissie Hynde, and SurfTone is definitely a product of her time...Her steady rock guitar always comes through in the clutch. She shreds up and down the scales in the instrumental tracks "Rumble," and gets go-go-licious in "Sunburn." Just try not to do the wipeout dance to this one!... she finishes an excellent EP with "Blue Moon of Kentucky," giving the full country treatment as she entreats, "Blue moon of Kentucky keep on shining, shine on the one that's gone and left me blue." There's some fast-moving acoustic plucking going on here that will leave you with no doubt to SurfTone's prowess." Read the full review here.

"I love the wonderful vintage sound on "TRYING TO GET TO YOU" and "BLUE MOON OF KENTUCKY" complete with that signature echo/reverb effect too!
"SHADOWLAND" and "SUNBURN" brought back the vintage punchy and powerful!! Great tracks, fantastic energy and superbly rendered!!
-Wouter Kellerman, 2015 Grammy© Winner - Best New Age Album "Winds of Samsara" - iTunes review

Click here to get your copy of The Magician from CDBaby.

New Podcast:

Check out this podcast on OUTTAKE VOICES with Susan and other panelists at the
2018 ClexaCon Conference in Las Vegas!


"Susan SurfTone's Journey from New York FBI Agent to L.A. Surf Musician"
Frederick Mintchell interviews Susan for Gay Life LA on October 8. 2018.

See Susan's new interview with Jasmine Lowe in The 26 here. September 3, 2018.

See Susan's recent interview in Gay Life After 40 here. July 17, 2018.

See Susan's interview in Vents Magazine here. June 25, 2018.

Read Susan's April 17, 2018 interview with Matt Skallerud on "LGBTBold" here.

Read Susan's March 21, 2018 interview in "Profiles In Pride" here.

Great interview on Girl Talk HQ:
"Fmr FBI Agent Turned Surf Guitarist Using Her Voice To Advocate For The LGBTQ Community" November 14, 2017.

New Interview with Kristen Voorhees in Tagg Magazine:
Musiq Scene - Susan Surftone / October 23, 2017.

Susan talks with Caleb Mansfield in Vital Voice.

Susan talked with Philip Zonkel in Q-Voice News.
Here's the link to the article.

Susan was recently interviewed by Julie Vaillancourt in Fugues Magazine, Montreal, Quebec.
Here is a link to the article (in French.)

Great new interview with Jocelyn MacDonald in AfterEllen

Read Susan's interview with Matt Baume in Out Magazine.

Read Susan's interview with Ginger Coyote in the April edition of Punk Globe magazine.

Russ White interviews Susan in QLife: "From Agent to Artist."
NOTE: Susan was an attorney for the NYPD, not a police officer.

Susan SurfTone talks music, influences and guitars in an interview with Guitar Girl Magazine here.

Read an interview with Susan here on Senob Addiction.

Read Susan's interview with Persis Shanker on Tomboy Tarts here. She and Susan discuss influences, inspirations, challenges and more!

Here's an interview in National Rock Review with Ashlee Krawczyk.

Susan is featured in the July 2016 issue of "Lesbian News". Click here to read the online article
and order the downloadable issue with the full article here.

A three-part article on Susan in Gillian Kendall's "Long-Lived Lesbians" column in Curve magazine is now available. Read it here:
Part One
| Part Two | Part Three

"The former FBI Agent turned singer/songwriter who plays a mean guitar has arrived and is definitely here to stay."
- Studio City Lifestyle Magazine

Susan writes on music, politics, and more:

Susan's newest article in AfterEllen,
"A Former FBI Agent Discusses the Gravity of the Kavanaugh Investigation" - October 2, 2018

Susan's recent article in AfterEllen,
"This Is Why Trump Needs Hypocrisy" -September 4, 2018

Susan's recent article in AfterEllen,
"Three Short Years: What Will a Post Justice Kennedy Era Be Like for Gay Americans?" -June 28, 2018

Susan's article in AfterEllen,
"Where are the Girls? The Inhumanity at the Southern Border Calls for Lesbian Activism" - June 20, 2018

Susan's article in AfterEllen,
"Lesbian Bar Death - What the Loss of Our Spaces Means for Lesbian Culture."

Susan's article in AfterEllen,
"The Night I Met Stormé DeLarverie, the Lesbian Who Threw the First Punch at Stonewall"

Here is her most recent article in The Seattle Lesbian,"The Circus Didn't Close in May 2017 -
It Just Moved to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue"

Susan's latest article in Punk Globe,
"The Will of the People"

Susan's article in Punk Globe,
"The Fake President"

Click on the links below for the full listing of Susan's articles in The Advocate, Curve, and The Huffington Post:

Susan's articles in The Advocate.

Susan's articles in Curve

Susan's articles in The Huffington Post

Here are some of her most recent articles:

Susan's latest article in The Advocate:
"Why Trump's Putin Fixation Is an LGBT Problem"

Susan's recent article in The Advocate:
"World to Hillary: Go Away! Come Back! Leave! Wait!"

"The Price of James Comey's Integrity"

"Can the Democrats Stop a Second Gorsuch?"

"There's An Epic War Happening. It's Not Between Trump and Mueller"

"James Comey's Redemption Tour Should Include an Apology for Giving Us Trump"

"If Trump is Booted, Pence is an Unacceptable Replacement"

"Until Mueller Is Done, Trump Should Be Blocked From Stacking the Courts"

"Thank God, Hillary's Finally Out of the Woods"

"The Art of the Steal: Trump Illegitimacy Is Glaring"

Logo Newnownext recently featured this story from Susan about a personal experience at the FBI:

Read it here.

Curve Magazine also featured Susan's op ed piece regarding personal experiences and Trump's first 100 days:

Read it here.

Susan is interviewed in this New York Daily News piece,
"Wiretapping Trump Tower Would be Tall Order According to Former FBI Agent."

I'm honored to be selected by Go! Magazine as one of their "100 Women We Love" for 2016.

Read the article here!
Be sure to visit Go! Magazine and see the full list here.

Susan has tracks on several compilation albums from Bongo Boy Records...

Bongo Boy's newest compilation CD Backroom Blues- Vol 7 features Susan's version of "Reconsider Baby."

Rebecca Cullen reviews Backroom Blues - Vol 7 on "Stereo Stickman" here.

Bongo Boy's compilation CD Gnarly Wave- Vol 3 features Susan's original song "Vortex 59."

Natalie Perez reviews Gnarly Wave - Vol3 here.

Skopemag says "Poppy to its very core, Susan SurfTone creates a colorful atmosphere on the hyperactivity of "Vortex '59". With a timeless classic style, the piece unfurls with such ease. Guitars weave together intermingling in a great woven web." Read Skopemag's review of Gnarly Wave - Vol3 here.

Bongo Boy's compilation CD Out Of The Garage - Vol 4 features Susan's cover of "Temptation."

The Grouch writes: "Another track from one of my favorite Bongo Boy Artists - the talented Ms Surftone. Susan can play guitar well! Most of her stuff, as her name Implies is surf based and this song is no exception. She lays down a wicked surf solo while being backed by a band that is spot-on tight. I really like the fills her drummer is laying down. As for the lyrics, this is a love song, but what matters the most to me is that the vocals sound good. All in all, this is what I have come to expect from Susan. That is, a very tight jam with a blistering surf inspired solo. Well done!" Read his full review of Out of the Garage Vol 4 here.

Beach Sloth writes in Skope mag: "Energy runs through the entirety of Susan SurfTone's "Temptation". Done with the greatest of care, the song does not slow down for anything. A yearning weaves itself through the entirety of the track, lending it a sense of urgency.." Read his full review of Out of the Garage Vol 4 here.

Bongo Boy's compilation CD Love Is - Vol 2 features Susan's original song, "If I Knock."
The Grouch from Sweden says: "Susan SurfTone - "If I Knock" - The amazing Susan SufTone, the coolest former federal agent I know, is back. I have been digging Susan's stuff for a long time. The woman can play! God there is almost nothing cooler than a smashing drum intro followed by a gnarly surf guitar. Okay, I guess this is a love song, but in all honesty I am too busy listening to the drummer throwing in his machine gun fills which cue Susan to open up and make her guitar scream. This is a very tight band that must be a massive party live!" Read his full review of Love Is here.

Beach Sloth writes in Skope mag: "With a clear retro feeling, Susan SurfTone's "If I Knock" has a sunny, summery atmosphere. Tremendous energy flows through the work, full of determination. Infectious grooves take hold helping the whole piece evolve in a gracious fashion." Read his full review of Love Is Vol 2 here.

Bongo Boy's compilation CD release, Love Is features Susan's original song, "Out of My Dreams."
The Grouch from Sweden says: "Susan is another one of my favorite artists. She blew my mind when I first heard her, and I have liked everything I have heard from her since. Susan does such a fantastic job with the surf guitar, no one can touch her on that stuff. This track has a bit of a Surf-Punk feel. It appears the drummer is putting down a slowed down classic Punk beat. I have a feeling that if the Ramones had done Surf, it would sound something like this track. Just to be clear, the Ramones are one of my all-time favorite groups and that is a complement." Read his full review of Love Is here.

Skope Magazine's Isiah We reviews Love Is and says: "Peppy to a tee Susan SurfTone opts for jangle-pop approach with "Out Of My Dreams". The giddiness allows everything to rush through with tremendous brightness. Rushing by in a blur Susan SurfTone burns through their track with determination." Read the full review of Love Is here.

Watch the video of "Out of My Dreams" on You Tube here.

Bongo Boy's release, Gnarly Wave Vol. 2 features two songs from Susan, Subduction and Mint471.

Joey Camp reviews Gnarly Wave Vol. 2 on "53rd & 3rd". Read his new review here.

The Grouch from Sweden reviews Subduction: "I dig the bass line that hold this song together... Then there is that smoking guitar... This is the kind of song that should be listened to in a red convertible driving down the Pacific Coast Highway." And Mint471: "If you are a caveman who thinks women can't rock, get ready for the Enlightenment as Susan blows the roof off."

Get the details and your own copy here!

Check out Up Down And All Around, Susan's new original song with vocals HERE, which is on Bongo Boy's release Out of the Garage Vol. 3 along with another original vocal song Bottom of My Glass from Susan.

"Little Bit Lied To" is included on Out of the Garage, Vol 2, and "Green Light" is on Gnarly Wave, Vol 1. Click on the links below for all the details.

- The Grouch from Sweden writes in Music Industry News Network: "...Listen to Susan SurfTone and tell me women can't rock. Ha! This chick blows the roof off - and I love it!" Read his full review of Out of the Garage Vol 3 here.

-Gatemouth Wighat reviews Out of the Garage, Vol 2 in Music Industry News Network: "I love my car, I love my guitar, I love you but you broke my heart when you took me to the beach and didn't give me what you promised - the story in a nutshell in A Little Bit Lied To from Susan SurfTone. A rock-blocked engine drop on love's lost highway, with heartache in the rearview."
And, in Steel Notes, Sept. 2016, he writes: "Casting our fishing pole back into time when life was good and America was in its golden age - the 1950's. That's the vibe "Little Bit Lied To" by Susan SurfTone provides (and it's a head-bopping good time (even if the song it about being lied to (just a little bit.). Thank goodness love never goes smooth or we'd never have little musical gems like this one. We've all been A Little Bit Lied To and now we have an official theme song to celebrate the occasion. Bravo! Susan SurfTone!"

Also from Music Industry News Network and Steel Notes, The Grouch from Sweden reviews Susan's track "Green Light" on Gnarly Wave, Vol 1: "I know Susan's music from Bongo Boy's Out of the Garage Volume 2 album. I really liked her work on that LP, so it was with a Grouchy smile that I listened to this track. Man, this woman can play! I challenge anyone to tell me that women can't rock. All you have to do is listen to Ms. Surftone to realize women absolutely can rock! Hands down, this is one of the best tracks on the album. I love that massive rockabillyesque jam. Listen to this song! What would a show with both Susan SurfTone and the Gore Gore Girls be like? I can only dream."
And in Steel Notes he reviews "Little Bit Lied To": "The bio sheet says that she is out of Beaverton, Oregon, but I would not have been surprised if she came out of Texas. This track has Buddy Holly's influence all over it. I really like this song. The guitar is good. The rhythm is infectious and the vocals sound good. You cannot really ask for anything more in a pop song. Well done Susan."

Susan's single "Blue Moon Of Kentucky," from her EP "The Magician," is now available from CDBaby.
Click here to get it now.
Click here to read some more about "Blue Moon of Kentucky" on The Edge Media Network.

"Susan and The SurfTones come up with yet another energetic, foot-tapping song with Blue Moon of Kentucky. With fantastic vocals and lively, engaging guitar work and a very memorable tune, this song wrapped itself around my head. I've been humming this song ever since I heard it." - Ricky Kej, 2015 Grammy© Winner - Best New Age Album "Winds of Samsara" - Amazon review

"Blue Moon is contagious, entertaining, and energetic. We are enjoying the vocals and the guitar. Susan Surftone has a very unique style. We can't wait to listen to more music from this beautiful artist!" - El Cerrito Records - Amazon review

Podcast and Radio interviews:

Two Gay Geeks Podcast:

"The Two Gay Geeks have a chat with Susan Surftone, FBI Agent turned Surf Guitarist,
about her career and how she got into music." Here's a link to the show from October 8, 2018.

Talking Politics with Sheena Metal:

Up for more of Sheena Metal's "Chicks On Politics"?
Here's a link to the show from April 25th, 2018 with Susan, Rae Dawn Chong and Janice Mautner Markham on the guest panel.

January 24, 2018: Susan was once again a panelist on an installment of Sheena Metal's show "State of the Nation: Chicks Rock"
with fellow guests Susan Lambert and Rae Dawn Chong.
You can click here to listen to the whole show!

Susan and fellow musicians Darlene Koldenhoven and Diana Dilee Maher joined Sheena Metal
on her show on October 12, 2017. The discussion focused on "Finding hope in a seemingly hopeless world."
Listen to the entire show here!

Susan returned to the Sheena Metal Experience on LA Talk Radio on August 10. You can listen here. (Susan's segment comes in at 1:09.)

And, she returned on August 15 for a full hour! You can listen to the whole show here.

August 22, 2017: Susan was a panelist on Sheena Metal's show "State of the Nation: Chicks Rock"
with fellow guests Angela Bullock and Rae Dawn Chong.
You can click here to listen to the whole show!

Susan talked with Jeffrey Masters on his podcast "LGBTQ&A" in November.
Click the link for his iTunes site with the free download of the show available.

Susan walked live on Facebook with Jennie McNulty on "Walking Funny with Jennie".
If you didn't see it live, you can still watch it here.

Susan helped kick off Pride Week on June 6, 2017 with Alexander Rodriguez on the On The Rocks Radio Show
You can listen to the archived show here.

On June 5, and again on August 14, 2017 Susan was a guest of Steve Pride on IMRU Radio, on KPFK FM 90.7 Los Angeles.

Susan was recently a guest on the Derek and Romaine show. Visit their site here.

Here's Susan's March 28th interview with Scott Fullerton on his Blog Talk Radio program, "Left of Str8."

Susan was a guest on "The Tracy & Craig Show" on Feb.17, 2017
and you can listen to the entire show here. (Note: this one gets political.)(Susan's segment starts at 51 minutes in.)

Listen to Susan's interview with Bebe Sweetbriar on "The Michelle Meow Show" (Susan's segment starts about 31 minutes in.)

Here is Susan's interview on the "Tomboy Tirade" with Persis and Raven here on Player FM.

Listen to Susan's interview with Sheena Metal on LA Talk Radio.
Click here then scroll to the archived show from January 31.

It's "Party Foul Radio with Pollo and Pearl"
- Susan is interviewed by host Pollo del Mar on January 18, 2017.
Listen to the show here.

Here's Susan's January 8th, 2017 interview with Carrie Silva on her Blog Talk Radio program "A Kind Voice:"
They spent the hour "discussing and reflecting on Susan's path from Quantico to the studio and beyond."

Susan talked with Abi Wurdeman on SpareMin about
"sexism in government and music, LGBTQ heroes, and living with no regrets." Listen here.

Ginni Saraswati discusses "Living La Vida Creative" with Susan - listen to it here on "The Ginni Show"

Listen here to Susan's interview on The Michelle Meow Show from October 18.

Susan was a guest on Ken Schneck's weekly radio show "This Show Is So Gay" on May 25.
They discussed Susan's upcoming EP release, The Magician, the pre-release single Blue Moon of Kentucky,
upcoming new video, leather jackets, Elvis, and much more.
Click on the show title above to visit the site, sit back and listen to the whole show.

Susan was interviewed by Jen and Michelle of "The Girls Hour"
live on JOY94.9 in Melbourne, Australia.
Visit the Girls' page here, and look for the archived show on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Click here for Susan's YouTube channel.

Go on a behind-the-scenes video visit with Susan
during the making of The Magician at Hell's Half Acre studio.

Those cool boots Susan wears in her "Little Bit Lied To" video are from Madcap England, and they love the video too.
Check out their blog post (and the boots) here.

Contact: ILDK Media
Mona Elyafi

New song, "Little Bit Lied To" (with vocals!) Now available!
Click here to get "Little Bit Lied To" on CD Baby.

© Robbie McClaran
"Susan SurfTone, the reigning queen of instrumental surf rock, makes her singing debut on her new song, "Little Bit Lied To," a perfect anthem for this presidential election." writes Mary P. Lowry in HuffPost Entertainment.
Read the full article here.

Pete Roche writes in The Examiner:

"Little Bit Lied To" sees Surftone stepping out of her instrumental-rock comfort zone to personally deliver the deeds-not-words missive on mic; it's her debut vocal performance. Think Debbie Harry (Blondie) meets Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders), and you'll get a sense of Surftone's easygoing, too-cool timbre...More than merely a great surf guitarist or great female guitarist, Susan's a terrific player, period, possessed of singular tone and slight-of-hand string prowess. Like many legends who develop their own "voice" on the instrument (B.B. King, Eddie Van Halen, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan, etc.), Surftone's got a style all her own. After minimal exposure to her music, one can hear a new solo (like the one on "Little Bit Lied To") and instantly know it's Surftone wielding the pick and working the whammy." Read the full article here.

"Little Bit Lied To is a fun single with its true elements of Surf Rock with overtones of the glorious 60's rock music. The vocals are very ably helped along by the foot tapping drums. I loved the overall vintage feel of this track. Very very exuberant and lovely." - Ricky Kej, 2015 Grammy© Winner - Best New Age Album "Winds of Samsara" - Amazon review

Kevin McGovern reviews "Little Bit Lied To" and "ShadowLand" in Fear/Loathing:

"Brimming with a mysterious musical sexuality and grooving in a hot cold trance, 'Little Bit Lied To' is an exceptional single. Combining the suave grit of Mink DeVille and the earnestness of Broken English era Marianne Faithful, this surf-wave pop bomb keeps the melody flowing with a rocking staccato backbeat. Susan's vocal performance on this number is instantly memorable with its sweetly detached and punky delivery..."ShadowLand" kicks out the jams with an unapologetic Thunders style six-string aggression that rides a rockabilly wave of bouncy percussive bashing. Spastic and fun, this titillating track flies by way too fast. A nice and volatile slice of surf-garage finesse combined with punk purist simplicity. Both of these singles complement each other by accentuating the different dimensions that always make any Susan Surftone release a required listening experience. These singles are now available on her official site. Support independent music and check out her unforgettable live show when she comes through your town." Read the full article here.

"This single from Susan and the SurfTones has simply superb guitar work. The highly energetic and attention grabbing guitar is wonderfully accompanied by an infectious groove. It is all about the creativity and artistry of fantastic musicians who have come together for this outstanding piece.Truly wonderful music." - Ricky Kej, 2015 Grammy© Winner - Best New Age Album "Winds of Samsara" - Amazon review

Susan's second new single of 2016, "ShadowLand" is now available here at CD Baby.

© Robbie McClaran

Mary Pauline Lowry has a great new interview with Susan in Huffington Post Arts & Culture:

"SurfTone remains legendary for her ability to create instrumental albums loaded with songs that each carries its own unique influence and sound. "Blue Light" holds to SurfTone's tradition of creating original songs that are "one part surf [rock], one part garage [rock,] and one part something else." Like all great surf rock, "Blue Light" evokes sunshine, waves and sand, but SurfTone also uses her understanding of iconic guitarists like Carl Perkins and Chuck Berry as a launching pad to generate her own signature sound steeped in 1960s culture. She digs into a rich history of American guitarists for influences and adds her personal spin to create a completely fresh take on a beloved genre."

Read the full article here:
Susan SurfTone on Surf Rock, Gender, and Taking Things "Too Far"

Reviews of Susan's 2015 EP, Blue Light at Midnight:

Pete Roche reviews Blue Light at Midnight in the Examiner: "Blue Light continues Surftone's tenacious tradition of distilling '60s culture into engaging, economic bytes (and blasts) of sand and sunblock-friendly rock."

Ginger Coyote reviews Blue Light at Midnight in the June, 2015 issue of Punk Globe Magazine:
"Seven killer tracks from the amazing Susan Surftone..... She will leave you wanting more. I loved the surf guitar on all the tracks but am most impressed with the tracks Blue Light At Midnight and Night Waves... If you want some heavenly sounding surf guitar buy this CD... It will put a big smile on your face!"

Click here to purchase Blue Light at Midnight at CDBaby.
Click here to listen to a preview track, "Blue Light at Midnight."


Visit Susan's Reverb Nation site here
to hear some tracks from her releases.

Susan SurfTone's CDs are available from CDBaby. Click here to purchase.

© Robbie McClaran

Shore - 2011

Click here to purchase Shore from CD Baby.

Click here to purchase Shore from iTunes.

"Susan, indeed, is one of the late masters of old-style, pre-psychedelic surf guitar."
- Ron Garmon, SF Weekly

"An instrumental album, Shore is a wonderful melding of both a familiar surf rock sound along with a less expected garage punk/trash rock sprinkling on some tracks, so that the album lifts everything a leap away from the predictable, becoming something that sparks my ears which always love a well worked fresh juxtaposition of genres."
- Robert Jaz, Forces Of Geek

"It's a modern take on the '60s surf music legacy, with elements of punk, rockabilly and classic rock thrown in for good measure, as a fine time was had by all. SurfTone's guitar timbre is liquid, crystal-clear and succinct, an alluring combination of such practitioners of the form as the Ventures' Bob Bogle and Don Wilson crossed with jazz "lounge" players Charlie Christian and Johnny Smith."
- Roy Trakin, Hits Daily Double

"She's the undisputed queen of immersive, garage-influenced, instrumental third-wave surf-rock, delivered with all the velocity of a punk show and a swaggering stage presence that has more in common with the lineage of bad-ass lady guitarists SurfTone's clearly embedded in than it does with the puka-shelled passivity you might typically associate with surf guitar."
- Ellen Cushing, East Bay Express (San Francisco)

More reviews here.


Reckoning - 2014

Click here to purchase Reckoning from CD Baby.

Click here to purchase Reckoning from iTunes.

Listen to "Mojo Junction" from Reckoning here on Susan's Reverb Nation page.

"In her new six-song EP "Reckoning," surf guitar icon Susan SurfTone takes surf rock to a haunting and beautiful place it's never been before. With characteristic mastery, SurfTone gives each song life and depth. From the album's hypnotic opener "Mojo Junction," to its closing "Mystery Train"--a skillful homage to one of her earliest influences--SurfTone shows once again that she's not just the reigning Queen of Surf Rock, but that she could topple any Surf Rock King from his throne."
- Mary Pauline Lowry, Huffington Post (Read the full review here.)

"...her intricate guitar work and good ear for melody certainly distinguish her in the surf guitar world and suggest just how talented she is on the instrument."

- Jeff Niesel, Whopperjaw

Read the full review here.

"She's the real deal...Her guitar playing is so impressive. Reckoning... just brings her to the top in her field..."

- Ginger Coyote, Punk Globe

Read the full review here.

"Top-ten material in this reviewer's universe, with its notably sharp and slick pop/rock collisions."

- Kevin McGovern, Fear and Loathing in Long Beach

Read the full review here.

"Reckoning is twenty-five minutes of intimate, authentic surf rock bliss whose DIY methodology and deliriously accessible tunes celebrate how far SurfTone has come - and hint at where she may go next."

- Peter Roche, Cleveland Music Examiner

Read the full review here.

"The Ventures of the new millennium are here! Great guitar tone and tuneful melody, structured and arranged in fine detail will revive the kind of music. The title track Reckoning, Vortex with the tremolo guitars, Mystery Train - a racy tune, a cranky tune, capturing every mood; brilliant go get a copy for yourself."

- Ricky Kej, 2015 Grammy© Winner - Best New Age Album "Winds of Samsara" - Amazon review


© Robbie McClaran

Too Far - 2013

Click here to purchase Too Far from CD Baby.

Click here to purchase Too Far from iTunes.

"With Too Far she's delivered an instrumental album in which none of the songs sound the same, and one that will be as appealing to dedicated surf guitar fans as it is to those less familiar with the genre...As a whole, Too Far stands as both a revival of the genre and a testament to the fact that a woman can bring extraordinary talent and contemporary creativity to the classic, traditionally male world of surf rock."
- Mary Pauline Lowry, The Huffington Post (Read the full feature article HERE.)

"Susan Surftone is no stranger to our proceedings here. Her new album "Too Far" redefines surf guitar for a new generation with a sexual bombast of guitar slinging and Watusi beats that makes one hunger for a dangerous and lustful summer."
- Kevin McGovern, Fear and Loathing in Long Beach

"SurfTone evinces such a mastery over her instrument, it's hard to believe there's anything she can't do. In fact, Too Far is an album that's so alive with style, verve and innovation, it may very well singlehandedly revive the genre."
- Alex Green, Caught In The Carousel

"...Her music will one day be as classic as those artists of the past that have influenced her."
- Robert Jaz, Forces of Geek

More reviews here.


Susan is interviewed by Ginger Coyote in the June, 2014 edition of Punk Globe.
Read it here.

Susan plays the blues...
Susan has released a single, Reconsider Baby.
Click here to listen and buy at CDBaby.

© Robbie McClaran 2015

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Susan was a guest on "Women Who Rawk" on Whatever68 Radio on July 6, 2015, with hosts Nikki Palomino and Ginger Coyote, and guests Lisa PunkrPrincess, Arika Kaosa, and Anne Marie Perry. You can listen to the archived show here.

Want to see the video of "Rock Candy" featuring Seana Steele? It's on Susan's ReverbNation page HERE.

Mary Pauline Lowry interviews Susan in Huffington Post on Reckoning and more. Read it here

Pete Roche reviews Susan's EP Reckoning here in the North Coast Voice Magazine.

Jeff Niesel reviews Reckoning in Whopperjaw.
Read it here.

Kevin Mc Govern in Fear and Loathing in Long Beach
has an interview with Susan and a review of Reckoning.
Read it here.

Have you ever wondered about the spooky images on my EPs? Well, I wrote a book about it, "Mojo Junction: A Walk Among the Spirits." My pen name is my real name, go figure.
Click here to buy it on Amazon in print or e-book.
(If you are into e-books, the photos really pop in the e-book format.)

Roy T. James reviewing for Readers' Favorite writes: "...Each image being more than what it is, people exploring nature for inspiration would find in each image new thoughts supplanting one's original thought. Someone who is in a happy mood or someone forlorn need not see the same image appearing in a column of mist. Or, what inspiration one finds in these images may be vastly different from what is shown. This book makes a practical demonstration of this phenomenon; the feelings one gets by looking at these images will differ based on the nature, temperament and mood of each reader."

Click here to visit Susan's page on

Susan is featured in an article titled "Lesbian Bands, Hear Them Roar" by Ari Karpel
in The Advocate's June/July, 2012 issue.
Read it here.

Kevin McGovern interviewed Susan SurfTone and Seana Steele about "Shore," go-go dancing, and more, for Fear and Loathing in Long Beach, online now.

For these and more interviews, visit our INTERVIEWSpage.

Susan SurfTone is a Random Portland Music Scene fact! Read the Willamette Week cover story here:
"Portland Rock Trivia - Twelve absolutely random things you didn't know about the Portland music scene."

"Rock n' Roll High School 101: Assignment: Surf" features an interview with Susan, and a live performance taped on our tour in March, 2012. This program is currently being broadcast on Time-Warner Cable Channel 16 and Verizon Channel 38 in the Riverside-Moreno Valley-Perris area of Southern California. Watch it on YouTube here.

Daisy Rock Guitars welcomes Susan SurfTone to its Artist Roster!
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